You are a leader. If you lead your business in a noisy digital world and uphold values of nurture, harmony, dedication, justice, adventure, truth, integrity, expression...

We have a lot in common.

If you have a story to tell based on those values...

I want to work with you.

Hello, I'm Amanda.

I help online businesses pounce across the digital landscape and leave paw prints along their buyer's tracks.

I do this with content marketing and PR.

Ready to Pounce?

COMING SOON Consultation with me. 1 hour or 30 mins.

Not ready.

  • COMING SOON Be Prepared. A course with access to me - your offer/s, your audience and doing the research to be prepared to launch. I can help you refine your focus so you are ready.

I'm ready for Content.

  • COMING SOON Content/Post Pounce. I do your content for you. One channel, 2 daily posts, 6 weeks, following my Content Carousel method. I report, reflect and review for you every 6 weeks to refine how I'm doing and suggestions of I can improve for you.
  • COMING SOON Pounce Prompts. Guided, detailed content prompts following my Content Carousel method.
  • COMING SOON Pounce Pride. The membership for business. Opens with a challenge. Next open: 2022.

I'm ready for PR

  • COMING SOON Press Pounce. I create an entire PR campaign for you. Starting with a consultation about your story idea, I will make sure it is in your best interests and I will carry out a PR campaign. (see: breakdown).
  • COMING SOON Source: Email newsletter with opportunities / requests from the media (journalists, bloggers, podcasters, etc) and insights about PR for business.
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