May 11, 2021

Examples of my PR

I do PR! An entire PR campaign done for you or PR consultancy. Contact me on Twitter for my rates.

Boostly latest story (currently following up for coverage...)
Email to journalists:

We want to give you our exclusive press story, following your coverage.
We’ve received many reports of a Facebook operation cloning small accommodation businesses (e.g. B&Bs) to scam their customers when they run legitimate holiday competitions.
Facebook fails to prevent or take action on damage done by scammers to the hardest-hit sector recovering from the pandemic.

Official Press Kit: Shocking Scam Operation Hits Holiday Competitions

And press release on Boostly blog: Shocking Scam Operation Hits Holiday Competitions [PRESS] - Boostly 

World Piano Day

Recently, an unfinished press release was given to me. I made this from it & used new PR tools to find people to approach within 24 hours (it was VERY close to the event, unfortunately no luck for quick coverage): Clubhouse World Piano Day Press Kit

Hatchet Harry opening axe venue in Liverpool, UK

Official Press Kit: Axe Throwers Hack Their Way To Heart of Liverpool 

(yes, I make cool headlines too... am I right?)

Coverage just from this, listed

Wake up, Jacob! Children's book of memes

A very quick press release, one of my first, for a book of memes... this caught the attention of Private Eye magazine (a political / satire UK magazine): Wake Up Jacob! 

Coaching for Geeks press release 

Official Press Kit: Role Play Gourmet

Speaking of them, I was Content Manager for Coaching for Geeks Feb 2018 - Nov 2019 (CV):

Responsible for publication & optimisation of entire blog, blogger award nominations & social media campaigns:
Increase Facebook Group membership , social media engagement & website traffic from creative, collaborative social media campaigns, repurposing blog into 14+ written posts, designs & memes; highest blog traffic & social media engagement ever before first MCM Comic Con panel, raised £517 for charity Gameblast.
Gained Google snippets, highest blog traffic & viral social media engagement from original written blogs; 300% traffic increase for Fit For A King review, 50% traffic increase & 40+ developer retweets for Arcade Spirits review.
Rank highly for target keywords & feature in snippets on Google from optimising keywords, headers, alt tags, meta tags, headlines & source, coordinate & feedback on guest blog content. Strategically & frequently make Facebook Group’s top engagement posts.


More on my experience: Amanda Leek | LinkedIn


P.S. Oh... by the way... I made a magazine, just last month. Part of the reason? I can use this to further promote PR clients (yes, I'd put your press story in the next issue) to business owners... and to craft a new publication with my own journalism & editor skills...

Paw Prints Magazine: Pounce magazine (

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