These are the tools & resources I use in my business and/or I recommend. Some are affiliate links, which means I get a little thank you for spreading the love - at zero cost to you.

I use Otter, cos it's the best transcription software (for me).

I use Koalander, cos it's the best calendar software (for me).

Do I only choose software helpers in my business cos they are animals? It's gotta be a rule.

I tried Survey Monkey, but Typeform is better (for me).

I tried Mailchimp, but Mailerlite is better (for me).

Ok, so it's not a rule. Or monkeys don't play well with my business. I don't pay enough bananas.

I do like the idea of having an Otter and a Koala as my secretaries. 🐨🦦

Do you use any animal-themed business tools?

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